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Tired of being in the dark? 📈📱

Published almost 3 years ago • 1 min read

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When my finances got more complicated, I was so tired of logging into multiple credit card and bank websites to see what I was spending (and what I was spending on).

I never felt like I knew how much to spend at the grocery store, or what I could spend on Christmas gifts. I felt very in the dark about my own finances.

That's when I created an easy, streamlined budget in Google Sheets (and immediately downloaded the app for it too). This was a game changer for my husband and I. We could finally see exactly how much we were earning, spending, and saving.

Not only that, but we could enter spending limits to keep certain categories in check (no matter how much Chick-fil-a calls to us!).

I love knowing how much I'm earning and staying on top of business expenses. The monthly style is perfect to manage lots of transactions, and the annual style is perfect for a simple yearly overview with small expenses.

I use these budgets every day, and I love them. That's why I decided to create one to share with you. If you're also tired of feeling in the dark about your finances, give it a try.

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